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Bad commute? Delayed flight? 
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Keep a pack in your travel bag, desk, purse, pocket or backpack

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Orange Kava Candy

Tried and true flagship Orange that has been here for over a decade. A favorite among our amazing community!

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$14.99 – $34.99

Coconut Cream Kava Candy

Pina Colada anyone? Our newest Coconut Cream is quickly winning hearts, minds and kava taste buds

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Ginger-Mint Kava Candy

Soothing Ginger & Kava hits the spot for those on-the-go stressful moments. Yep, noble in every way.

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Need a bit of paradise?
Try our newest kava coconut cream

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Our Amazing Customers

I’m really glad I decided to try these as my intro to kava. The first couple tries I really didn’t feel much, maybe a little muscle relaxation, plus I was trying to be honest with the experience as to avoid a placebo effect. I kept trying them though as I know reverse tolerance to kava isn’t uncommon. By the second pack of candies I had reached a point where I was able to detect noticeable effects. It’s a quite enjoyable feeling, definitely a warm happy relaxation without being overwhelming. Very nice for work or relaxation.

Customer, Kava Candy

This stuff is PHENOMENAL!! It's now my preferred method of Kava consumption! You can pop one in your mouth any time of day and within minutes the mouth tingle begins and a very noticeable state of relaxation sets in! It's not an overwhelming feeling, but rather quite pleasant, and you can still maintain clarity of thought and the willingness to do other activities. You don't feel sluggish at all but rather in a state of peaceful bliss...

Customer, Kava Candy

Love these little Kava Candies! The taste would be similar to a light sweet tart but does have some numbing.   Nothing overpowering or too bitter for kava. Good kava product, good price, will buy again!

Customer, Kava Candy

I’ve tried several Kava products to try and get past the taste of bitter kava and I think Ozia Kava Candies are above the rest and they actually responded to every question I asked before making the purchase.  FINALLY, these candies were the one thing I could count on during crazy days and they are very convenient and work.

Customer, Kava Candy

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