Kava & The Sober Bars For Your Health

Kava & The Sober Bars For Your Health

Bars without alcohol. Yes, you read it right! 

Bars WITHOUT alcohol are the new reality in 2021 across the world. The sober bars are the new cool & it’s time for you to join them. 

In this article, let us take you on a health journey where you’ll find the rising community of kava users wanting to make their lives sober & comfortable one day at a time. In this community, you sing, have heartfelt conversations, and destress your mind. 

So welcome to “kava & the sobers bars for your health” & hop on the reading wagon with Ozia. 

Kava Is An Alternative But How?

Kava comes from a pepper family & has been found for thousands of years in the South Pacific regions such as Fiji, Vanuatu.  

People from this region use Kava’s roots to create a beverage that has both ceremonial meaning & medicinal use. How do they consume it? First, they dry the roots then crush them into powder, and mix it with water. 

& next? Cheers! Or the South Pacific version of it- Bula! 

So what makes kava calming? A chemical compound is called kavalactone. Scientifically speaking, kavalactone produces anxiolytic or anti-anxiety effects by modulating the GABA receptor & other excitatory neurotransmitters. 

Source: This simple chemical called kavalactone makes kava the most celebrated health alternative around the world.

The calming impact of kava is also a result of its impact on inhibiting monoamine oxidase B or MAOB. 

In case you are not sure what GABA or MAOB do, we’ve got you. 

GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid creates balance in brain functions. MAOB, on the other hand, is responsible for the reduction of an important chemical called dopamine or popularly known as the “happy hormone”. 

If you’d like your happy hormones to get active, consider using the sober bars 

Also, sober bars are the future because they are offering a healthier way of living & a fresh perspective on the fun!



Kava Bars Are The Future!

Alcohol or not, people always crave a community & a sense of belongingness. This very need brought alcohol to the center-stage of bars at the first stage. 

One shot of vodka martini or clanging the wine glass or simply chugging the beer with friends over the weekend is one thing we all look forward to destressing & chill, right?

But that damn hangover! The absolute discomfort of that dehydrated mind & body is so unpleasant. Not just hangovers, many people develop a dependence on alcohol which is highly problematic & risky for their health.

& thus, enters the kava bars into the picture. They are popping up in the corners of Brooklyn, Texas, Colorado, Michigan, Hawaii, and everywhere in Florida! People are going gaga over it. Why?

Because its impact on health is not like alcohol. Kava creates a mellow high which is extremely pleasant & non-addictive. 

Not just that, kava brings with itself a history of togetherness & communal love. The former NFL player, Mat Masifilo (owner of Kavafied & the maker of AluBall), who is half Tongan, has this to say about the rising kava popularity in the USA:

Americans are starting to discover the wonderful aspects of our culture. The best thing about kava is the communal aspect, the gathering, the talanoa, the discussion, the relaxed feeling of community that kava brings.

The kava euphoria will continue to rise because it is a perfect alternative to alcohol. It is safer & keeps you sober. & the kava bars have created a new, calm space in the middle of a chaotic world!

An Escape From Chaotic Life!

MeloMelo Bar in Santa Cruz

Kava and the sober bars for your health are creating a new language of calmness. Most of these setups have cool, laid-back vibes. 

Sober bars are entertaining. You can find live music, active discussions, & a creative sensibility in these spaces. 

Some places even allow you to bring your food! For example, MeloMelo Kava Bar in the San Francisco Bay Area (Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Oakland) has some amazing mixes and blends with always a good vibe.

So all you have to do is, put on your best-fitting party pajamas & move to the nearest kava bar today. Get there & order a fresh round of kava shell. Enjoy the weekend & don’t worry about the hangover. 

We all deserve a break from this chaotic life sometimes 

In case you wish to make your kava drink, at the comfort of your home, oh well well, we’ve got you covered here as well! 

Order A Unique Blend of Fijian Magic

Make your own Kava drink at home & enjoy with your friends! Our unique blend will surely make your day fun & calm 

Your sober kava bar is just one click away. Ozia’s noble kava powder is easy to use & requires minimal effort. 

Use 1 part kava in a strainer bag per 4 parts water. Knead bag in water for 10 minutes. Remove the bag and enjoy.

Isn’t this convenient? Our Fijian blend will make sure your anxiety & stress melts away. 

In case you have doubts, feel free to contact us. You can also read our articles on Kava:

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