Australia Kava Shop making a splash!

Australia Kava Shop making a splash!

KAVA KAVA CANDY is, without doubt, one of our very favorite kava products of all time!
We can speak with some authority as to why we say this too.

Our history with Kava Kava Candy goes back 10 years (“back in the day” as we like to call it). At that time,
we had a highly successful kava and kava products retail and wholesale operation in Vanuatu – “The Kava Emporium”. It was truly one of a kind, with an innovative product range of which Kava Kava Candy became one of our staple kava food products. Side note: Unfortunately, we had to close our store in 2016 after being smashed by Cyclone Pam a year earlier.

In 2012 we imported and stocked our first batch of Kava Kava Candy and were immediately blown away by the response to it. This first shipment sold out in double quick time and in no time at all, became a best seller for us. Moreover, what we had not anticipated was not just the demand from cruise ship tourists and others but also from our local community! It was then that we realized that, for kava lovers constantly on the hop, this was the ideal solution! Let’s face it, when time is precious and you have a hankering for kava, it’s just not practical to stop what you’re doing to mix up some kava in the traditional manner.

Fact is, our customers, especially the tourists who were newbies to kava, really enjoyed being able to
experience the effects of kava without the usual bitter taste associated with it. Even we, who are seasoned kava drinkers, quickly became fans of this impressive easy-to-use product. The taste is brilliant (our favorite flavor is “Orange”) and the effects are great – a nice buzz with a warm, relaxed feeling. On top of that, we also found that it didn’t affect our clarity of thought at all nor did it make us drowsy or sluggish. So, all in all, we say – “Thank You and All Hail to Kava Kava Candy” – ALOHA!

From the former Kava Emporium Team

Phillip Manhire – Buy Kava Australia

Cam McLeod – Australia Kava Shop


If you’re in Australia or need to purchase online, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either Phillip or Cam. It’s great to see them back in Kava. Bula!

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