What does Kava feel and taste like?

What does Kava feel and taste like?

Humanity has come up with infinite possibilities of consuming Kava. Shooter and chase is the most common suggestion that is, chug it and drink something better. Some advice to mix as little water as possible and chug it down. Why though? Let’s find out. We will also unravel Kava’s taste, feel and explore the innovative takes on it.


This is a common response to Kava’s taste- Meh!!

The Taste

Traditionally, the root of the kava is grounded into powder, mixed with water for some time, and then strained. The resulting taste is bitter, earthy, and in common lexical- yucky! People also describe it as:
  • Unpleasant 
  • Unsweetened Turkish coffee 
  • Muddy milkshake kinda drink
  • Mouth numbing 

You get the point- taste is not something to die for.

The mouth-numbing effect is a result of an active ingredient called Kavalactones. They are found in the roots and are responsible for the health benefits as we know them. To understand more about health benefits, you can also check out our previous blog article- Why Kava and the different ways to take it for anxiety.

Despite its bitter-batter taste, it is still popular amongst millions of people and continues to grow as a social drink. The anti-anxiety and non-addictive nature trumps the desire for taste buds. 

It is significant to recognize that this taste is natural. We cannot manipulate the fundamental chemistry of a naturally occurring substance. We shouldn’t do it either because nature is beautiful just the way it is. There are other ways to adapt and celebrate the taste. A simple way is to acquire it with time and patience like we do with certain other foods and drinks. 

Prejudiced palette and ways to fool it 

Our palette is prejudiced to eatables  such as broccoli, yogurt, green leafy vegetables. On the other hand, we love burgers, pizza, mocktails any time of the day. We love certain kinds of tastes because they are associated with positive or emotional times. When sad, ice cream or a bag full of chips is an instant eating response. When planning a birthday bash or a party, alcohol and cheesy foods dominate the idea of fun. Would you ever celebrate a milestone in your life with a broccoli and kale juice party? Not a bad idea but in all probabilities, you will not. Therefore, to be able to adapt and acquire Kava, time is the key. It is significant to associate its effects with positive events such as hanging out with friends and family over a shell of Kava or letting its anti-anxiety outcomes seep in slowly with time. Just like this broccoli, we can get innovative and adapt to the Kava taste!

The other way is to get innovative. The current market is filled with a variety of Kava variants to help its users reap the benefits. Some of the popular ways are:

  1. Drinking it ice-cold with some milk in it 
  2. Adding fruits such as pineapple, strawberries 
  3. Chocolate Kava Root Latte 
  4. Mixing the extract with tea
  5. Making Kava Candies 

As you read this article, someone somewhere is putting their creative hat on and trying to find a way to make it worth our time. Pretty cool, right?

The feel

Kava has an aromatic peppery and spicy kind of smell because it belongs to the pepper family. The after-effects include feelings of calmness. You feel relaxed. 

You know that strong spicy smell? Kava shares a very similar peppery aroma as it belongs to the same family.

Worldwide marketing has resulted in Kava becoming an alternative to alcohol, Xanax, and other substances. It has anti-anxiety effects and has strong scientific backing for the same. We should be mindful of the fact that creating similar effects does not imply being the same. It is of utmost importance to recognize and acknowledge Kava for being Kava.

Like any other natural and healthy substance such as CBD or turmeric, the feel is subjective and based on individual experiences . For some, calmness wash over their head within 15 minutes of its consumption and on the other hand, it takes time for others. There have been instances where people didn’t have sedative feelings per se but felt overall well-being. For example, better sleep and a good mood in the long run. 

The feel also depends upon your environment, both physical and mental. A highly stressed and toxic physical space can never fully blossom the positive effects of Kava. It isn’t magical in isolation. Give it some time and figure out your relationship with it. For some, drinking it in the morning is a cheerful experience or for some taking Kava candies while working in the office is great. Many find it an excellent partner in social gatherings. 

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