How do Ozia products work? A month in the life of a retired NFL Player

How do Ozia products work? A month in the life of a retired NFL Player

A healthy life is the desired state of being for all of us. A body free of ailments allows a sense of freedom and confidence. Imagine a month without your headache, backache, or any ache. Pure bliss, right?

We all deserve a healthy life. To find this sweet acoustic spot has always been a difficult task. For some, a fast lifestyle does not allow their mind and body the care they deserve, for some genes are not compatible, for some age does not support all the efforts and hard work which goes into creating a better lifestyle. These confounding variables are a reminder of how we’re all limited or restricted in ways that are out of our control.

On the other hand, some of us do enjoy the luxury of choice and have the option to lead the desired life. Procrastination, or lack of motivation, or maybe a knowledge gap about what truly is beneficial for a healthy body causes a bump in the road towards a healthy life.A healed body can give us a sense of freedom and happiness

Regardless of where you fall in the aforementioned hypothetical situations, we believe that a healed body has the potential to make ourselves feel a thousand times better.

This article is about a man named “Sam” who is trying our Ozia CBD and Turmeric Candy on a consistent basis to see if it helps with his serious sports injuries from the NFL with insights from his “captains logs” chronicles. [For confidentiality purposes, we have changed the name :)]

“I just want to play with my kids!”

Sam is only in his forties but he has been through a lot. Bad knees, bad ankles, torn ligaments and hamstring, and messed up nerves. 7 pins from a tibia /fibula break with countless ankle sprains in between. He can barely walk up and down stairs holding on to walls or railing and can’t even play with his kids.

Being a sportperson like Sam takes a great deal of commitment and dedication in pursuing a professional field like football. It is not simply about winning games or praise. It is a choice a person makes very similar to how you may choose to be a data scientist or teacher.

Getting injured can make life psychologically and emotionally painful. Despite good support system, it can difficult at time to cope with the physical pain.

A pause as a result of injuries can be psychologically and emotionally exhausting.

Physical injuries result in restriction of movements. It can further develop the feeling of disempowerment. It may be because the previously held roles become hard to perform. In Sam’s case, being a father involves playtime with children. Due to his severe injuries, this role became non-existent. One can only imagine the emotional distress and grief of not being able to even chip a ball and play along with his own children.  

Feeling a bit moved reading this? It is okay. We are only humans. 

A leap of faith

To turn his life around and improve his health, he decided to start his healing journey. For Sam, a natural course of remedy seemed more logical over modern medicines that he has been trying over the years.

Reading through scientific studies and research papers, Sam dug out relevant information such as  evidence showing hemp’s positive impact in chronic pain management and turmeric’s effectiveness in severe cases of rheumatoid arthritis. 

After contemplation, he boiled down his options to the following – hemp oil tincture and turmeric candy. Reason? Hemp oil tincture provides the entourage effect and turmeric candy is more bioavailable than regular turmeric, allowing it to get absorbed into the body easily. 

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To better understand his healing journey and help keep a brief record, he maintained a weekly journal or “captain logs.” Through this weekly journal, he reported:

  • The overall impact of the products on pain 
  • Improvement in quality of movement 
  • Marked changes in mood 

The one month journey which followed gives us an insight into a simple yet significant idea. What is it? Let’s find out.

Slow and steady progress

In a world of modern medicines, we all expect instant relief. Traditional alternatives have been on the back track for a while now. It is because the results of natural healing is a slow process. It takes time and effort. In a fast-paced society this idea is alien for most of us. 

We are bringing this modern vs traditional point of view to remind you the following: To be cautious and mindful of a simple fact:

Any healing journey is a time-taking process.

Take a look at one of Sam’s Week one entry: 

“I feel like my knees have gotten loser and not as much stiff as they were before. I ran into an issue with my ankle this week to where was hurting a lot and had to ice but my knees have felt a great deal better to be honest they have in a while.”

And now to the Week four entry:

“I was able to go outside one day on the weekend and kick soccer ball with my kids. Haven’t been able to do that for a long time. I feel like I’m able to stand more during the day and or walking around is little less stressful than was before. They are not hurting as much as they use to be. Im able to walk up and down stairs a lot easier than the past and without holding on rail. Hugh deal for me.”

These journal entries are evidence of how hemp oil and turmeric’s impact made its way in Sam’s life in a month’s time. He committed to the doses, made it a part of his everyday life. 

He did not believe in magic but created it for himself and the result? As he said, “…walking around is little less stressful than was before.”  What’s more? He finally got play time with his children. Super exciting news!

“I was able to go outside one day on the weekend and kick soccer ball with my kids.”

Nothing makes Ozia more proud than a customer sharing the most intimate of progress journeys with us. The transformation from week one to week four has been as impactful for us as it has been for Sam.

The journey is still on and knowing that hemp and turmeric are making beautiful changes in Sam’s life is overwhelming and reassuring that we are on the right path.

Knowing Sam managed to spend some quality moments with kids by playing soccer are the moments we cherish. We hope that Ozia products continue to make such a positive impact on his life.


“I feel like so far every week I’m seeing and feeling improvements.”


Remember to feel a connection with your health journey. Much like any other work, your body requires a timely check-in and detailed understanding of what’s going on.

Our hemp and candy may look like magic potions but even the most effective ones require time and commitment to work.The magic of healing takes time and only your commitment to the process can create it. Ozia will always be thereto offer the support with our innovative products

You must understand your bodily needs. You must understand the power of patience. With these by your side, whether you are a retired football player with injuries or a woman struggling to find management for joint pain or perhaps an individual trying to make a long term positive change in life, we are here to help with our innovative products.

Ozia is here for you and your overall well-being the natural way!

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