Is Turmeric Good for Dogs? Find Out Here!

Is Turmeric Good for Dogs? Find Out Here!

Is turmeric good for dogs? Find out here and get answers to all of your questions! 

Turmeric, the magical herb, has made wellness waves across the globe for a long time now. It’s affordable, versatile, and does the job naturally. 

People have found a sense of freedom in the yellow spice. Freedom to have a pain free, healthy life without taking help from pharmaceutical alternatives. 

Now the curiosity to use turmeric for dogs has grown immensely. Natural and alternative pet remedies are in demand. 

According to Fetch by WebMD, natural and alternative dog remedies include- aromatherapy, chiropractic, reiki, osteopathy. CBD, turmeric and more. 

However, many dog owners have a looming question about how efficient these methods are? Especially because these methods have been primarily tested on human subjects! 

In this article, we will be deciphering a simple yet pertinent question for all dog owners out there- is turmeric good for dogs?

What Is Turmeric?

A yellow herbal spice that dates back to Ayurvedic healing and medicinal culture from India and some parts of China. 

Turmeric contains many chemical compounds called curcuminoids but few of them stand out for their powerful health benefits- curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, bisdemethoxycurcumin. 

Turmeric contains curcumin in the largest quantity and has shown strong, clinical evidence for its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Due to the presence of curcumin and other curcuminiods, turmeric is extensively used to treat and manage joint pain. Not just day to day life boney pain but the excruciating impact of arthritis, osteoporosis can be relieved with turmeric, 

What’s more? Turmeric has been found to be incredibly effective in eliminating free radicals from our bodies  due to its antioxidant properties.

From promoting healthy skin and eyes to providing support to the immune system by balancing the digestive tract, turmeric has innumerable benefits 

Is Turmeric Dog Friendly Though? A Research-Based Perspective 

We understand that turmeric IS effective but as mentioned earlier, each piece of evidence has been established in the context of human beings. What about dogs?

Well, in comparison to human beings, the impact of turmeric on dogs are understudied. We do have growing literature on the same. 

Let us look at the following study from Texas A & M University:

Researchers at Texas A&M University have produced a therapeutic derived from turmeric, a spice long-praised for its natural anti-inflammatory properties, that shows promise in decreasing ocular inflammation in dogs suffering from uveitis, an inflammation of the eye that leads to pain and reduced vision.

Science Daily Journal 

This study by Scott and her colleagues at A & M University shows turmeric as a sigh of relief for many dog owners. 

To further your confidence in turmeric for your dog’s health, here’s Dr Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian, talking about how turmeric can facilitate canine health via its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 


There’s More Evidence

In a 2017 study, researchers found that 1g/10 kg/ day turmeric for several months helped combat osteoarthritis’ inflammation and pain in 15 dogs of different breeds and ages. 

Beyond the clinical world, anecdotal evidence is easily accessible to substantiate turmeric’s beneficial use for dog’s health.

Disclaimer: Despite clinical or anecdotal evidence, do contact your veterinarian before beginning turmeric treatment 

Ideas To Safely Consume Turmeric For Your Canine 

The Internet is filled with how you can use turmeric for your adorable doggo but are these methods safe? Let’s find out.

  1. Making the golden paste

Golden paste has been used in India for centuries to treat inflammation. The recipe is quite straightforward and requires direct application on the affected area.

Process to make the perfect golden paste- half cup turmeric powder (high in curcuminoids and powerful absorption ability like the one Ozia  uses for its turmeric candy), 1 cup water, and coconut oil.

Add turmeric to  water. Let the mixture simmer at low heat until it forms a paste. Add oil once you turn off the flame. 

You can apply it to the affected area or add it to your dog’s favorite food. The best bit is, this paste can be refrigerated and used for up to 2 weeks. 

  1. Dog treats!

Yes, treats! Whether you make your dog’s favourite treats at home or buy them from the market, you can add turmeric to  it. 

Here, the golden paste can come in handy. Just add a little bit on that cookie, chicken, or nutty spread 

But wait, what about the dose?

Turmeric Dosage For Dogs 

According to Dogs Naturally Magazine, the golden paste can be given in the following amounts:

  • Small dogs should start with about 1/4 teaspoon per day
  • Medium dogs can start with 1/2 teaspoon per day
  • Large dogs can start with 3/4 teaspoon per day
  • Giant dogs can start with 1 teaspoon per day

Be mindful of starting with a small dose and depending upon your four-legged friend’s response, you can figure out the right dosage. 

Again, a disclaimer- These are not proven dosages and therefore, do visit your vet once 

Turmeric can heal your dog’s pain and serious infections like uveitis. Do ensure to keep it in your dog’s daily health regime and diet. 

As an endnote, these are the following points you must keep in mind before opting for turmeric for your dog:

  1. Turmeric’s impact isn’t instant, not even for human beings. The natural course requires patience and therefore, give your pet some time to respond to it. 
  2. Go for high-quality turmeric like we do at Ozia for our turmeric candy.
  3. Do not overdose on turmeric if it’s working for the dog. 
  4. Consult your vet to understand turmeric’s impact and especially if your pet is already on other medications. 
  5. You can choose to go piperine free with the turmeric supplements. To learn more, check out this article.

That’s it folks! Hope you found this article insightful and it helps you in giving a super healthy life to your furball 


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